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(Running time: 49:47 minutes; 11 Songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records" & "Repression Records"; CD; 2014):
Another album that's now already a few years old, three to be precise, and that somehow managed to hide itself from me back then in 2014, so that I bought it finally one or two years later. This French Hardcore Roughnecks with this specific Manga spirit/attitude were known to me from YouTube and they convinced me directly back in the days and so naturally I was curious on this one. It is for all what I know their debut release, primarly released the D.I.Y. way and then, after "NUCLEAR BLAST" signed them, it got its proper label release; now I just hope that soon new material finally will see the light of the day. Btw, I know it's a 2014 release but after I simply didn't managed to review it earlier up here I will do it right now, right here anyhow; and after for all what I know it's still the current or recent, still actual album and release of RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR it's anyway good and fine to review it these days up here - especially after it definitely deserves to still be reviewed anyhow (even today) up here. So, okay, after I'm trying to keep the reviews a little bit shorter, at least for my standards, I'll now cut the introducing words and then here and now right and straight into the action: FURYO STYLE HARDCORE from Paris, France. Hell yeahr!!! After an atmospheric, sort of pretty sinister intro RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR deliver truckloads of assheavy riffs and in general a formidable guitar work (rich on variations and delivering the goods in the leads as well as in the rhythm department and also shine with great solos), blasting and charismatic Spoken Words/Rap lead vocals, broad, fat, and loud widescreen gang back up chants, strong arranged verses and totally powerful refrains, often with strong hooklines and also a stunning sing a long potential, a very well present and thunderous bass work, and versatile and heavy drumming, all melted together in strong and grapping, very intense songs, marked by thumbs-up-songwriting, full-power-energy non stopp, and all done by very well-skilled musicians. Great, build in some even-more variations and the next time this will be perfect; or at least pretty damn close. But also so this is just an outstanding bomb. Amazing!!! Great mixture out of New York Hardcore, Crossover/Rap Metal, and Thrash Metal, all with a strong 1990's Feeling to it but all done very fresh and alive/lively and also really strong self-contained with a unique and own identity and character so that this all is through and through authentic, real, and just up-to-date, so that you can be sure that we get here no lame and stale retro bullshit crap. Like recently already said RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR do it all very self-conatined but if you want to know for fans of what-ever-bands this one is or will-be definitely great stuff then I would say that fans of SUB ZERO, RHYTHM TRIP (especially of their almighty "BRING DA RUCKUS" debut), MADBALL, and METHOD OF DESTRUCTION will love this stuff, add some SLAYER and you're right (t)here. Okay, I think that's it, I've said so far all what there's to say here and now, even I could babble on and on how strong this album is, but I think you got the point already so far by now. Fresh and cool, strong lyrics, a fantastic artwork, and a pwerful bombing production sound finally only add up to the quality of this first-class very intense gem. And all is done from my point of view very authentic and sympathic as well. Highly recommended, so if you missed out on it so far for which reasons ever then give it a try or better get it right from the get-go. (FURYO) HARDCORE (from Paris, France)!!! FIST!!!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the Facebook of the band, even blogger will more or less definitely refuse to post it as a proper direct link I'm sure you know what you have to do to go there anyway so I can spare me every word more about it here at this point)
Note: Below the two pictures you'll also find two videos to two of my personal favorites from this very album here so that you can right here get a good impression of what's coming at you with this masterpiece.



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Hey Folks, back home from Munich so expect some more new stuff to come up soon the next days. Btw, Munich is a fantastic City and if you have the chance to go there then by all means do so and enjoy your travel. Okay, tonight it's just this short "I'm back!"-post and then that's it; nah, not completly all, because you also get here and now again a Little video Clip for your enjoyment. Tonight it is all about the mighty DYING FETUS and the title track of their recently released new album "WRONG ONE TO FUCK WITH" (released via "RELAPSE RECORDS"), and this song is just brilliant. DEATH FUCKIN' METAL the really BRUTAL GRINDING way par excellence, hell yeahr, they took me by storm with this one and I will soon check out the complete new album, so maybe don't be surprised when you will find my review on it up here more or less soon. Okay, and then that's it for tonight. More soon. Cheers & good night.


Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017


Hey folks, off, out, up and away to Munich. Don't expect any new posts to come before sunday/monday. I wish you a great week and if you just recently stopped by, checked out, and recognized that the blog is finally back from the dead and you haven't read the new posts (so far "only" record review posts) then go ahead and read through them, hopefully you'll enjoy it and maybe you discover some records you didn't know of so far and you now got curious about and so go, find, and check out this records. Okay, here you now also get a little video of the anthem "SONGS TO MY KILLER" by no other than the almighty WISDOM IN CHAINS, definitely one of the very best bands arounds and maybe/perhaps the very best Hardcore band of our days; a little video just to enjoy it and to loosen it all up a little bit up here, yes, and then that's it for now and so far more or less for this week, so yes, enjoy summer and have a great week and we'll read again. Cheers guys, more new stuff coming soon.


Montag, 17. Juli 2017


(Running time: 37:15 minutes; 14 songs)
("BDHW Records"; CD; 2015):
One more post in the pipeline for today. I'll travel to Munich these week and won't be back not before next week or so and so I thought why not bring another post which means another record review up here for today after for the rest of the week it will pretty sure be pretty silent up here due to my before mentioned Munich-travel. This will be a review on one of the back then in 2015 most or highest anticipated albums of that year, so in my perception, the back-then new and today still current RYKER'S album "NEVER MEANT TO LAST". After I totally cheered up to their comeback slasher "HARD TO THE CORE" in 2014 (it even made its way into my albums of the year list back then, for justified and good reasons) I was curious what they would come up with on the follow up album. Maybe with a band like the RYKER'S there's always a good, healthy dose of emotional nostaligia in the play, at least in my case, because beside the fact that I love this kind of music since two-and-a-half-decades now (yes, I become more and more an old man, time flies by, but that's life... I guess) listening to a band like the RYKER'S always sets me in a good mood, bringing back feelings of easier days of my youth when music, concerts, moshpits, pogo, brews'n'booze, girls, friends, hanging out, and a bit of good friendly violent fun were the really important things in life; days of youth: good times, easier times, exhilarated and breezier days back then. (Not anyhow better days, but different times, easier days.) You know what I mean anyhow. But after in the case of "HARD TO THE CORE" also the musical delivery totally lived up to this, it was all really more than just good and fine. So I was really excited and curious about the follow up one "NEVER MEANT TO LAST". The first thing to notice was/is/will be the new singer of the RYKER'S: Dennis, the former BRIGHTSIDE singer and member of STILL SCREAMING and TAUSEND LÖWEN UNTER FEINDEN now owns the mic after original singer Kid D called it a day after their comeback album. I think the only remaining founding member still active today is the man at the bass, Chris, but who cares. Musicwise we see more relevant changes. When "HARD TO THE CORE" really was a through and through RYKER'S album in their traditional way but thankfully done very fresh and alive-lively without any lame retro bullshit, then "NEVER MEANT TO LAST" brings some let us say modifications, changes, variations, and renewals to the surface and showcasing it to us in the light of a brandnew day. The RYKER'S integrated a lot of Metal, namely Thrash Metal, into their music and they also work partially in very drastic accelerated regions of pace of their songs, even scraping it or yet in blast speed regions. While the Hardcore is always present and leading it's easy to say that partially "NEVER MEANT TO LAST" is definitely a Metalcore album; but Metalcore or maybe better metallic Hardcore like we don't get it delivered that often these days. We also get a first class apocalyptic Metal Instrumental with "THE AGE OF..." and with the outro track "COWBOY SONG" there's even sort of a Country track on the album. Sort of... No problems so far with it all, and I think it's even pretty good that the RYKER'S move(d) ahead and sort of develop(ed) and established a renewed style and sound. At least if they do it in a good way. And do they? Yes, of course. Okay, here and there I think not all works out like the guys pretty sure have wanted it to and not all fits already perfectly together what results in a few weaker or simply weak songs and especially lacks Dennis' the charisma and special own identity of Kid D who marked the RYKER'S so strong virtual for ages and decades but not blaming Dennis for that and he delivers definitely a good and strong performance, but damn it, all in all the RYKER'S did an pretty impressive job with their so far last album "NEVER MEANT TO LAST" and with reinventing themselves a bit, keeping it fresh (and this, I'm pretty sure, also for themselves) and this is something I can really cheer up to. Here we get really harsh and strong metallic Hardcore with big doses of New York Hardcore impressions, harsh Thrash Core influences, strong (Thrash) Metal marks, and here and there also some few hymnal sing-a-long Oi! and Streetpunk notes in it, filled with crushing guitars, hammering drums, sawing bass work, forceful shouted lead vocals, widescreen crew back ups, powerful grooves and slashing beat downs, pretty catchy sing-a-longs, and all down beating mercyless raging nearly blast speed attacks. Bonesmashing Hardcore on a very high level maybe to be located somewhere between old RYKER'S and BRIGHTSIDE, TERROR, a big bunch of glorious New York Hardcore heroes, PRO-PAIN, some few RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, CATARACT, and MACHINE HEAD, with plenty of guest appearances of well know (New York) Hardcore magnitudes. A fresh, interesting, and really good and strong re-start of the RYKER'S and their sound, style, and music and it could be interesting and also pretty exciting to where this all will lead this german Hardcore veterans in the future now from "NEVER MEANT TO LAST" on. Good lyrics, a widescreen broad production sound, and a just sheer beautiful and fantastic artwork with some nice RYKER'S old school easter eggs in it we get on top of it all. Not all is already gold but a lot already shines and this often even very bright. Definitely recommended, so if you still don't know and you're into (metallic) Hardcore then go and check it out or buy it (finally) instantly. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
(8,5 of 10 points) (the link to the homepage of the band, go there and check it out)


(Running time: 43:01 minutes; 14 songs)
("DSS Records"; CD; 2017):
And here we are, finally back in 2017, and this brings us a great album that's now waiting to be finally reviewed up here, the newest output the strong-going german Oi!/Streetpunk veteran band RIOT COMPANY from Hildesheim in Lower Saxony here in Germany, only sort of half an hour or so from me respectively from where I live. RIOT COMPANY are now already around for quite a while, always being a decent band, but what they offer us here with their new one "DRUNK'N'RUDE" is just damn fucking awesome, the fourteen new tracks of them totally rule and are sort of an showcase of ''just'' pure greatness, period and fact. This is really sharp aimed, hard hitting, and no-prisoners-taking Oi! with good doses of Streetpunk in it (or Streetpunk with good doses of Oi! in it, who cares ;-) ) that pushes harsh and angry forward yet always perpetuate a really strong and bright shining, always very present melodic and nearly larger-than-life anthemic/hymnal edge to it. Trademark is the dirty and crisply banging guitar work that delivers a massive and beefy punch that pushes the songs without mercy or regrets coercingly forward, delivering a bulky, power-pumping rhythm work and set on top of it all shining leads and ennoble it with suprisingly fresh and suasive solos. The guitar work really marks the songs heavily, added up by a nicely present bass that goes roaring and sawing full of power to work, while the rumbling drumming gives the songs the massy and solid, forceful and loadable backbone. On top of it as sort as the crown or crowning element of it all sit the pissed off and angry, cheeky and gutsy lead voacls, backed up by beefy and bulky back up chants, culminating in damn fucking great sing a longs. The songwriting is very strong and nicely varying and diverse and incorporates beside strong changes of the rhythmic architecture and the pace and groove or flow of the songs as well as of the mood and emotions of the songs also great SKA influences and this not just once. And this is all done in an incredible strong and pretty impressive way and a unique style, so that it is not only "just" great but also very distinctive and characteristic. So it all comes with an own flavor and strong own identity. Awesome stuff!!! My personal highlights are "SEVERAL HOURS", "ANTIFASCIST SKINHEAD", "ENDLESS NIGHTS", "BARE-KNUCKLE CONVERSATION", "DEAR OLD ENEMY #1" "LIFT UP YOUR GLASSES", and "RIOT ARMY", but also the here and now not mentioned songs just strike and rule in a supreme way. Mostly really strong and nicely diverse lyrics, a first-class artwork, and a dirty and earthy, yet hard and powerful punshing production sound made it all round and complete and so this album to the real deal and the complete package, nearly perfect. Like already mentioned, RIOT COMPANY have a strong own charakter and identity so I could spare me any sort of band comparisions but if you really need one or some then maybe you could find them on a very self-contained position somehwere between OXYMORON, BAD COMPANY PROJECT, BONECRUSHER, and GUTS & GLORY. This is highly recommended by me for/to you, so if you are anyhow into Oi!, Streetpunk, and Punkrock music make sure you get your hands on this one and trust me, this one will cheer up your days. Really great stuff!!! Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points) & (the links to the homepage and the facebook site of the band and I am pretty sure you know how to go there even then when blogger again refuses to post it as a direct link to the site, so just go there)


(Running time: 42:58 minutes; 13 songs*)
(* as a bonus there are the three songs of the 2014 "KEEP HOLD" EP release enclosed)
("KB Records"; CD; 2016):
An on we go, next one coming right in, and like promised we go ahead and so after 2014 and 2015 we now have a 2016 release up for review here and now, before we land finally again in 2017 our present year and age. Here we have the so far current full length album release of the SAINTS & SINNERS from Prague, the capital of (the) Czech Republic, entitled "BREAKAWAY" and released, like already mentioned, in 2016 and this via the sympathic german label of the name of "KB RECORDS". A band before unknown to me (yes, stressful and nerve-racking years it has been so I missed out on quite a few bands, calm down, that's life), damn it, and I am very glad that this now finally changed. Bought this one last year when it came out and it blew me away right from the start. Hymnal, anthemic, and catchy, melodic and yet hard hitting and sharp cutting Oi! of the highest grade filled with powerful as well as ctachy-melodic guitars delivering pounding rhythms as well as shining leads and cool solos, first class hard buzzing and sawing bass work and impulsive drumming, enriched by charismatic sharp edged lead vocals, brilliant sing a long parts, and strong back up chants; and this whole done very fresh and just so damn energertic and grapping that it grabs you right from the start and refuses to let loose again. Fantastic stuff!!! I would say that definitely old english heroes like COCK SPARRER and THE BUSINESS were a clear influence as well as especially the great dutch masters because in my book or better ears especially mid-old/mid-new DISCIPLINE, CLOSE COMBAT, and TECH 9 left their mark in the sound, style, and music of SAINTS & SINNERS, and here and there also some PERKELE shine through, and the bOi!s from Prague manage to melt it all together in a very own and self-contained way, acquiring a strong own identity. That's just great and I love it. If you know me or maybe know this blog now already a little bit longer than you know that this is exactly "my thing", it's what kept and keeps me pushing on, always, to say it that way. So, okay, even this is now (especially for this blog and me) a very short review don't mistake it because this is a review on a brilliant record that you simply need to have as a part of your record collection. It's near to perfect, strong sonwgriting delivered by strong musicicans, all very authentic and just over-whelming strong. My personal favorites are "FIGHT FOR GLORY, PLAY TO WIN", "SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE", "THE PLACES I USED TO KNOW", "BURNING HEARTS", "EVERY SAINT, EVERY SINNER", "ONE OF THOSE", and "OUTNUMBERED", but also the (anyhow only few) not mentioned tracks are incredible strong. I just love it. Great lyrics, a beautiful artwork, and a first class production sound finally round it all up. And the bonus songs are a nice special (even mostly not so strong than the proper new ones), and showcase a maybe stronger english Oi! Oi! Oi! influence (at least in my book), and especially "F.I.M.H." really shines of the bonus tracks. Highly recommended release and album, anthem follows anthem, and this all very fresh and alive-lively, just go out and get it. So, hell yeahr, if you still don't have it and if you are into Oi! music then don't think twice and don't hestitate anymore, just go and get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points)
(Note: The link to the band's site you'll find below.) (the link to the official facebook site of the band, and even if blogger again refuses to post this as a direct-link you know anyhow how to go there and so I'll spare me every words more about it here and now)


(Running time: 36:48 minutes; 14 songs)
("Sunny Bastards"; CD; 2015):
Hey guys, hope you've had a nice weekend, mine was fine, and after the weekend's over it's maybe the right time to come up with some new posts up here and we will stick to the record reviews and after the last one was on an album from 2014 I thought why not start working on in time up to the present day/year, yes, so I thought and so I'll do now, so this one will be a record review on a 2015 album and in particular on "BUCH DES LEBENS" the 2015 album of EMSCHERKURVE 77, nicely fresh Punkrock from Germany. Beside a few compilation songs EMSCHERKURVE 77 never were anyhow high on my personal favorites list and so this was the first full length of them that made its way in my record collection; and btw this is for all what I know still the newest, current full length of the band, since 2015 they released a bunch of new compilation and tribute-sampler tracks, a bunch of split releases and a proper new (7'') single pretty recently but so far still no brandnew full length album, so this very review here and now is still as current as the album itself (if you get what I mean).They were and still are often linked to Oi! and Streetpunk and this terms were/are often used to describe their style of music, hm, but I don't really think that this fits them well and I would stick with just Punk or even better Punkrock because (so at least in my book) this fits just perfect to them. I bought this album because a handful of songs really stood out in my book when I listened to it back then in a record store and so I took it with me. This is through and through full throttle and no-breaks-allowed-to-use Punkrock offering a nice mash-up of serious and funny-humouristic attitudes and topics, music- as well as lyricwise. Cheeky and edged guitars impel the songs to push ahead, flippant and snotty vocals (nicely beefy and hymnal backed up) award the songs a pretty special character and an own note, while the rhythm section, bass and drums, erect the solid footing on which the songs mature. This guys know how to play and how to write songs, and above all there hovers a pretty sympathic unity-spirit that encircles the whole album. It all comes with sort of a rocking edge to it, especially in the guitar department, that rounds it all up in a nice delightful way and manner. Lyricwise there's also a funny and cool self-ironic note to it, at least from my point of view, and I like this very much. Punkrockers and Punkrock fans will cheer up to it for sure. Personally I would wish for some more variations when it comes to the songwriting so that it all would stay fresher and more exciting as well as more grapping (especially ''on sight''), and I would wish that it all would have more bite, would be more intense, more cogent and forcing (because here and there it all turns out to be a bit too much easy-listening for me) but others may or surely will see this in a different light and that's all good and fine with me. At the end of the day especially "JETZT WIEDER RECHTS", "CAFE AU LAIT", "DRECK & LÜGEN", "HARTE JUNGS", "DURST WIE'N FISCH", and "DAMALS" really stand out, the rest is solid to good stuff, for sure, and if you are into (German) Punkrock you should at least risk an ear and give it a try (if you still don't know it).
(7 of 10 points) (the link to the homepage of the band, you know what you have to do to go there even if Blogger refuses to post it as a direct link to the page)

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(Running time: 54:38 minutes; 15 songs)
("Metalville" & "Rough Trade Distribution"; CD; 2014):
Hey guys, back again, and again with a record review - but this time on sort of an even older record than AGNOSTIC FRONT's last output that I reviewed two days ago or so up here. This is the "KARMA" titled 2014 out put of KÄRBHOLZ, a German Rock band from somewhere over here in Germany. Okay, don't know why in my personal retrospection this one is and was always a 2015 release while in reality it was already released in 2014... maybe because I just bought it in 2015... or why the hell else ever. It doesn't matter that much, so I've started this now and so I'll finish it; and after my last review up here was on GOITZSCHE FRONT's "MONUMENT" album, also a German Rock release, this one here, KÄRBHOLZ' "KARMA", fits pretty good in anyhow, being also a German Rock release (more or less at least). KÄRBHOLZ were a decade ago or so in my perspective one of the first German Rock bands to step into the light of the day when this whole scene sort of rocket-launched (at least quite a bit) after the BÖHSE ONKELZ called it a day back then (before they came back three years ago or so - not that anyone would have really needed this ridiculous comeback but anyway) with their first albums being released back then via "BANDWORM RECORDS"/"ASPHALT RECORDS", more or less (so in my retro-perception) together with FREI.WILD. (And also KÄRBHOLZ found themselves soon in the centre of pseudo-political discussions between left and right and as the target in the crosshairs of "political" defamations from left and right.) Don't ask me about other of this whole German Rock bands around back then, there were too many that appeared from outta nowhere and I was and still am also simply not interested enough in this specific style of music, and so before this album also KÄRBHOLZ mostly were of no interest for me. But two years ago I saw this album and I liked the artwork, it looked interesting, so I did a listening-session in the record store, it convinced me, and I took it with me home. After I can't compare "KARMA" to older KÄRBHOLZ releases I'll keep this short. This is well-developed, clichee-free, well-done, versatile and nicely varying Rock music from Germany with still sort of rebellious suburban-subculture-attitude, with slightly punky and also (very) slightly metallic marks and notes here and there in it. Pretty varying songwriting enriched with a lot of very fresh and just great ideas, like for example the perfect integrated strong Reggae impressions and influences in "KEIN ROCK'N'ROLL" (the by far best song on this one and maybe also the best song at all of all KÄRBHOLZ songs that I know so far; it also comes with strong "middlefinger-to-the-right" lyrics), and a lot of very catchy and anthemic guitar work, that shines as well as in the rhythm so also in the lead and solo department, and that is backed up by a very lively rhythm section, while the very charismatic, warm and dirty yet very emotional and clear vocals very often set the highlight points. The songwriting is nicely vayring and diverse, and this guys know how to play and what to do. Nice shot, guys. A masterpiece artwork, (mostly) strong lyrics, and a warm and earthy production sound round it all finally up. I am pretty sure that KÄRBHOLZ also have a new album out so far since "KARMA" (and maybe even a live album, not sure), but anyhow, if you want some fresh and enthusiastic Rock album with german lyrics (I think today German Rock fits not that perfect anyhow as a desricption to KÄRBHOLZ), nicely clichee-free and very often pretty grapping, and you maybe still don't know "KARMA" then go, look for it, and give a try. A really good album that I can calmly recommend to you and so an album that even being three years old rightfully deserves to still be reviewed by me up here for you.
(8 of 10 points) (- the link to facebook site of the band, and even I am pretty sure that Blogger again refuses to post it as a direct link you know how to go there anyway and so I'll spare me every words more)

Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017


(Running time: 41:17 minutes; 12 songs)
("D.O.R."; CD; 2016):
Next post, next record review, next round, next 2016 album, this time from Germany's GOITZSCHE FRONT and here's their still current album "MONUMENT", released via the to me totally unknown "D.O.R." named label - and this like already mentioned last year in 2016; if I remember it now correct then it was at the very beginning of 2016 released. Beside this version of this album it was also released in one or two different enriched (and probably limited) CD (box) versions and I would bet that it was also released on vinyl, at least in limited numbers. This is, to say it that way, the basic version of this album and it features 12 "new" songs (back then in 2016 new songs...;-)...). GOITZSCHE FRONT are from East Germany and they started out as a very Rock oriented and influenced German Oi! band, but very "rockish" right from the start with their debut album "MUSIK IST MEIN BLUT" - and when I say very "rockish" then I mean very "rockish"; never saw them really as an Oi! band, so maybe "Oi!-ish" Rock (or Oi! Rock) would have been the better description right from the start, if you get my point. (But not that this would be so important anyhow anyway.) From there they moved on and developed heavily quite a bit with their second album "...AUS RUINEN" on which they already played a very versatile, varying, and diverse sort of (slightly) metallic and incredible hymnal/anthemic German Rock music in a thankfully very sympathic, authentic, self-contained, and clichee-free way, and this all in an impressive first-class-way and "...AUS RUINEN" was really a truly very huge step forward from "MUSIK IST MEIN BLUT" on. Their debut was and is pretty good and a solid to good album, but their second one was and is just sort of a close-to-a-masterpiece-album. So I was very curious when their theird one "MONUMENT" came out. And again they showcase(d) quite a big musical development and without any discussion it is incredible how far GOITZSCHE FRONT used to develop their style and music and themselves as songwriters and musicians over the distance of just three proper full length albums. That's quite impressive, and so it will be pretty exciting to wait and see what they will come up with the next time. And what I think is really pretty cool on top of it all is the fact that GOITZSCHE FRONT despise all huge developments always managed to create and maintane a very own character so that you always notice that it's not "any band" but that it's GOITZSCHE FRONT and no one else, that's cool. Thumbs up. So, okay, after all this "babbeling", what do we get here? Okay, we get self-contained and clichee-free, high-end-standard up-to-date German Rock, varying in between strongly metallic wrecking balls full of pounding drums, harsh buzzing bass, shredding guitars, and very heavy yet clean/clear lead vocals, over exhilarated and lively "punky" pogo smashers driven forward by hard yet melodic guitars and hymnal lead vocals, while the rhythm section delivers the beat and punch to push the songs massively forward, to very emotional songs that come even close to some "Emo Pop" stuff and that are really heavily marked by strong melodic guitar work with shining leads and astonishing clean and soulful lead vocals that even remind me somehow of the german Gothic Pop megasellers UNHEILIG (but maybe I'm also just a little bit on the slate, mentally), while the rhythm section recants a bit to give the guitars and the vocals enough room to carry the song(s) forward with them. The songwriting is very strong and like already more or less direct (or indirect) mentioned very diverse, and this guys are very well-versed musicians on top of it. The arrangements of the verses are pretty much always strong, and the sing-a-long styled hymnal refrains pretty much never get stale or become boring. Very good and also nicely varying lyrics, also pretty humoristic and (self-) ironic(al), a pretty good artwork, and a very clear and warm production sound then round it all up. My personal favorites are without a doubt "SCHWEINEPRIESTER", "STEINE IM WEG", "MÄNNER AUS STAHL", "ORKAN", "IRGENDWANN, IRGENDWO", and "NICHT GENUG". The anyhow somehow Oi! background of GOITZSCHE FRONT you'll get today at the utmost in the unbroken and authentic-rebellious (and very sympathic) attitude of the band, but music-wise there's nothing left of it, at most slightly some small parts in "ORKAN" and "NICHT GENUG"; but you know what, that's all good and fine with me. To compare GOITZSCHE FRONT with other bands is pretty hard for me, not at least and especially because I'm simply not that much into this whole German Rock scenery - but after from my point of view GOITZSCHE FRONT play a style of German Rock in their very own right and way that's maybe not that much of a problem after all. Somewhere between KÄRBHOLZ, TOXPACK, as well as BELA B. and DIE ÄRZTE you'll find the GOITZSCHE FRONT these days. A band that definitely grew up and pretty much still grows on (hopefully), while holding their roots still dear to their hearts, and this in a very comprehensible, authentic, and honest (and so sympathic) way. In my book the what I call "Emo Pop" influences make "MONUMENT" a little bit weaker than "...AUS RUINEN" but that's just a matter of my personal taste and takes nothing away from the unquestionable high quality of this very album. So, to sum it all up and make this review finally complete: "MONUMENT" is a damn strong and also damn good album that I can only recommend to you.
(8 of 10 points) (the link to homepage of the band; you know the game: click on the link, copy it, open a new browser tab, click and copy the link into the headline of this browser tab, and then just go there and visit the band respectively their homepage)


(Running time: 27:58 minutes; 16 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD; 2015):
And like, hm, let us say: Like more or less announced before (you may remember my rambling about that I will do reviews on 2015 and 2016 releases in order to work this - musicwise very strong - years up here) here now comes a review on an album that was released back then in 2015, and it's no other album than the latest, and so also newest and still current AGNOSTIC FRONT album titled "THE AMERICAN DREAM DIED", released in 2015 via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS". (Btw, I can't count how many bands and albums and different styles and genres of music "NUCLEAR BLAST (RECORDS)" are blasting ;-) out since ten years or even more, it's really sort of breath-taking; you've really come a long way, thumbs up, good work guys, much respect.) When this album was announced at the end of 2014 I was totally stoked about it and wanted to grab my hands on it as soon as possible... - but then life happened and due to my personal or private situation and all the stress and "drama" back then it really took me a full year (and a half) before I finally bought it last year's summer during my summer vacation 2016. Fuck it!!! I mean AGNOSTIC FRONT... damn it, one of the most important bands for me and also one of my all-time-favorites. Sometimes life can really suck... but okay, anyhow, anyway, because we all know that and getting a highly anticipated album a year after its release is in the end and at the end of the day nothing to really bitch around about... so, like I've said, anyhow and anyway... and when I finally got it... yes, then it went on heavy rotataion and remained there since then up to the present day. So maybe that says already enough and we could calmly close this review right now, hm, but nah, even I'll promise I'll try to keep it short I still feel the need to loose some more words about it, 'cause it just deserves it. AGNOSTIC FRONT stick(ed) to their approach of a more metallic style of their very own New York Hardcore sound and style like they used to culticated it over the last one and a half decade or so since their "ANOTHER VOICE" slasher. Harsh smashing guitars, massive bass work, boneshaking drumming, fat wide screen gang back ups, and above all Roger Miret's unique and charismatic lead vocal voice (supported by the one and only Lou Koller/SICK OF IT ALL, Freddy Circien/MADBALL, and Toby Morse/H2O @ "NEVER WALK ALONE" and you can imagine what this is, yes, a larger than life hymn, an anthem, a true gem) build the music that's delivered in a great, high energy and high octane, totally full throttle and no breaks way via great songwriting, diverse and varying and intense as fuck, full of fresh ideas, great rhythm work, nice changes and variations in the song architecture and great pace-variantions that even go into the blast speed department, all done and delivered in a stand-alone and unique and simply by all positive means truly and typical AGNOSTIC FRONT way, all done by high skilled veterans; or in short: New York Hardcore at its very, very best. New York Hardcore, the real deal, point and fact. Varying between more classical Hardcore Punk, Oi! influences and incredible strong sing-a-longs, and every resistance burying metallic Hardcore monsters. That's what I want, what I need, what I love; and AGNOSTIC FRONT deliver. They still deliver. Hell yeahr! This is an absolute intense album full of passion and heart and soul, this is Hardcore, real Hardcore, done the New York way; still more authentic than any of your overly hyped Metal-/Death-/Emo-/Beatdown-/Tough Guy-/Shopping Mall-"Metal/"Hardcore" pseudo-rebellious-music, still more authentic and heartfelt after over thirty years or so now already in the game. Great, diverse and smart first class lyrics, a very sinister and just amazing artwork, and a hard hitting, harsh, dirty, and warm and "earthy" production sound round this masterpiece up, and yes, here you get the complete package. So, okay, I think I've said enough so far, and if for any reasons why the bloody hell ever you still don't know AGNOSTIC FRONT's "THE AMERICAN DREAM DIED" then by the mercy of the gods change this right now. A larger than life masterpiece, already now. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!
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(Running time: 33:35 minutes; 13 songs)
("Nuclear Blast"; CD; 2016):
Hey folks, next round up here, because after I currently right now have some free time to spend I can also spend it on doing something up here. And this will be a record review on the last and still current, newest HATEBREED album titled "THE CONCRETE CONFESSIONAL", released last year back in 2016 via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS". And after 2015 and 2016 totally passed by up here without any sort of post you can be sure that I will slowly but steady work the two years record-wise up and so more reviews on albums from 2015 and 2016 will see the light of the day in the (soon) future up here. So, okay, with that said right into the action: HATEBREED released "THE CONCRETE CONFESSIONAL" at the 13. of May in 2016 via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS", as above already mentioned, and it was/is their all in all 9th album since (and including) their 1997 full length debut "SATISFACTION IS THE DEATH OF DESIRE", released back then via "VICTORY RECORDS". Over the last two decades (damn it, I grow old) HATEBREED turned from a more or less average 1990's Metalcore band to one of the genre-defining and sort of mega-selling Hardcore and Metalcore bands of the "new" century with more brickton loads of Thrash Metal in their sound and style, and they remained relevant up to the present day, very relevant and still sort of genre-defining and big-budget-selling, and if you ask me this is all good and fine and also well-deserved and hard earned over the last twenty (and all-in-all even more) years. I really loved the last three proper HATEBREED albums ("THE DIVINITY OF PURPOSE"/2013, "HATEBREED"/2009, and "SUPREMACY"/2006 - the cover album "FOR THE LIONS"/2009 I don't count here because it's a cover album, just that, and also... I am not that much a fan of this album...;-)...), and so I had high expectations when "THE CONCRETE CONFESSIONAL" came out last year... just to see this high expectations crumble to dust when I first listened to the album. Somehow it felt stale and was pretty boring and totally not fresh and grapping to me. This album had a hard time with me and I had a hard time with this album. But it used to grow, yes, it really grew, and today I can really appreciate it and think that it can be calmly recommended, it still doesn't beat the above mentioned three masterpieces, at least so in my book, but it's anyhow a good and really strong album in his own right and that can easily stand its ground alone without any support. HATEBREED again worked more harsh and bonebreaking (Thrash) Metal into their music, especially SLAYER, SEPULTURA/SOULFLY, as well as here and there the Bay Area left their marks, but still the Hardcore is even more present and definitely the backbone of the music, and some parts of "SLAUGHTERED IN THEIR DREAMS" even show some CARNIVORE influences; rhythm- and pace-wise HATEBREED take us on a pretty varying journey from Beat-Downs and grooy parts over sing-a-long compatible Mosh Parts up to raging Blast Speed attacks and so they keep it much fresher than my first impressions where back then. So we get a very-high-energy and full-throttle Metalcore cocktail pounded forward by a precise and tight, stoic and mercyless rhythm section, thundering drumming and beefy bass work build up a massive foundament of the songs. Then the very well-done and high-skilled-delivered and also pretty versatile, but always anyhow really hard beating and bulky pounding guitar work really mark the songs, widescreen gang shouts enrich it all, and above all shine Jamey Jasta's very charismatic lead vocals that are today more vayring and "changable" than on their last output. My problems with this albums simply were that I missed (and in parts still miss) some of the über-anthems they delivered in mass on their last albums, and that it was and still is for my taste here and there often a bit too thrashy-metallic, but that's (as so much else) just a matter of your and in this case especially mine personal taste. It really strongest moments the album delivers (at least so in my book) in the last half, and so especially "SLAUGHTERED IN THEIR DREAMS", "THE APEX WITHIN", "WALKING THE KNIFE", "DISSONANCE", and "SERVE YOUR MASTERS" are my picks for naming you my favorite tracks - with the add(ing) of "LOOKING DOWN THE BARREL OF TODAY". HATEBREED deliver decent, very decent songwriting, and that this guys know how to play their instruments and also know what they have to do should be clear anyway. Nicely diverse lyrics (but light and shadows are very close), a cool artwork, and a broad and definitely bombastic widescreen production sound round it all up - in a good way. So, to finally sum it all up: A strong Hardcore respectively Metalcore album that grows with time and that I can calmly recommend; and all bigger fans of today's Metalcore with surely love this album right from the start. Anyhow, if you maybe still don't have it, then finally get your ass off and go and get it. Strong album, period.
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Montag, 10. Juli 2017


(Running time: 31:29 minutes,12 songs)
("Sunny Bastards"; CD; 2017):
Whooaaa, post no. # three already today. The topic this time: A record review on the 2017 self titled album of DIE BRASSTERDS, a to me totally new german band playing Oi! influenced SKA Punk that deliver here their for all what I know full length debut album. I bought this album because they totally convinced me with the video to their song "WIR WAREN MAL" - and then I saw the whole album for a pretty low nice price and I thought why not taking the risk. Hm, now, looking back at this decision, hm, I don't really regret it but I also wouldn't have needed this album in my collection, to say it that way. For all what I read DIE BRASSTERDS are a new band fromed by members of THE OFFENDERS and OXO 86. Hm, and I think somewhere between this two bands you do also find DIE BRASSTERDS, SKA Punk with some Oi! influences in it. Pretty energetic guitars and a straight forward rhythm section combined with loud "horns" and marked by enthusiastic sing a longs and a grunty and throaty lead vocal voice. All good and fine but also, nah, to be honest personally for me only "WIR WAREN MAL", "LE FRISUR", and "DESHALB TRINKST DU HEUTE" sort of stick out, the rest is totally average material -  (but) that especially OXO 86 fans should pump up, maybe. Lyricwise we get a lot of non-sense, nothing-saying, über-superficial, pseudo-politically "left wing" lyrics that also could have been done by a thirteen year old "rebellious" Punk boy/girl in middle school, but who cares. Beside this lyrics we get more or less funny lyrical stuff. So lyricwise as well as musicwise nothing special. But also nothing that hurts anyone either. The package is made round by a nice artwork and a good clear and powerful production sound. Fans of the above mentioned bands and especially of OXO 86 can probably calmly risk an ear and our proud anticapitalistic AFA warriors will love them anyway but beside this target group(s) I can't really recommend this album to anyone, especially because the songwriting simply lacks grapping moments and this album gets very soon very stale and boring (in my case already at my first listening session where ca. after the first half of the album I had to fight to keep my attention pointed at the music), okay, but we will see what the future will hold in store and beside this I think I've said enough about DIE BRASSTERDS for the moment. Average SKA Punk with some and also some more Oi! influences in it, but if you feel the need to add a new average band and album to your collection then go ahead and buy this album - but maybe just risk an ear before doing so. But I can imagine that live on stage this all will be pretty good stuff. Okay, anyhow, that's it. Good night.
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(Running time: 50:26 minutes,12 songs)
("Sunny Bastards"; CD; 2017):
And after I used to recently re-start this little blog finally again, hm, yes, why not firing it all up a bit more and so why not already putting up the second post of today (and of 2017 and since two years or so) right now. Building up some momentum, you know. Now here we have a record review on the brandnew album of the young or still youthful ;-) german Oi! band of the name of EGOi!STEN titled "DIESE LIEDER". Some years ago (back then when I still used to go regulary to concerts) I saw them once live and this was a good performance but somehow this very one here and now is their first album that made its way into my record collection... why-, how-, and whatever... So now in 2017 the EGOi!STEN deliver us a very strong album that I maybe wouldn't have expected in this way, to be honest. Strong and powerful, authentic, sympathic, and street-charmed Short Hair Rock & Roll the punky and german way, marked and driven forward by snotty and heavy rockin' guitars that deliver heavy punch after heavy punch, push straight ahead, and also add strong anthemic arrangements to the songs due to their strong rhythmic work, but also not to forget about the strong and surprisingly old school styled yet very fresh and purely-lively leads and also a bunch of cool solos the guitar work delivers on top. Really good job, maybe here and there a bit more (melodic) variations and it all will be even more better. The rhythm section delivers on point, powerful, tight, precise, and really rumbling forward like a well oiled machine, creating a very tough and strong foundament of the songs. Thumbs up. The arrangements of the verses convince and the refrains are top notch sing a long pieces that make you start a one man pogo pit in your living-room instantly. The lead vocals are delivered in a snotty and punky way, here I would only recommend to maybe work in some variations because a slight tendency is there that the lead vocals become a little bit stale with time; but maybe it's just also only my personal gusto'n'taste, who knows. The songwriting is pretty strong and the songs are delivered in a strong way by the band. Thumbs up, again, guys. The album refuses to become boring and instead always pushes on and ahead. With "KOMMT UND TANZT" we also get a cool cooperation with Willi/OXO 86 that's (of course) coming with a great done SKA mark in it. Good lyrics, maybe here and there a little bit too much "the scene", "the cult", "Skinhead", "Oi!", "the way of life", "Boots & Braces", "Boots & Booze", and "Boots & Aggro" for me, hm, but after I am already sort of "an old man" ;-) that's maybe the only reason for me bitching here around because of it, because ten years ago this would have been exactly "my thing" if you know what I mean, hahahaha. But we also get good lyrics, very clear and outspoken, against (far) right wing Nazi Bullshit and that's something that's always good. A dirty production sound, but also very powerful, and a beautiful artwork make this very strong album to a round and complete package. What I really like and what I really want to point out is the fact, that the EGOi!STEN play a very authentic and sympathic through-and-through pure Oi! sound, here we still get the real deal, and no bullshit up to date German Rock crap like we get it since a few years so often and mostly totally unjustified sold as Oi! or Oi!-compatible, no, not here, this is the real deal, real Oi!, and I love it. I am pretty sure that all fans of real and strong German Oi! - from BOOTS & BRACES, STOMPER 98, (old) KRAWALLBRÜDER, DIE HALUNKEN, MOITEREI, some PÖBEL & GESOCKS, and also some (old) BIERPATRIOTEN - will cheer up to this great album and the EGOi!STEN. This album is top notch, first class stuff, real Oi! and really strong Oi!, great stuff, and a big surprise for me, an album that I can't recommend high enough to you. So go and get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
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(Running time: 41:19 minutes, 19 songs)
("Hellcat Records" & "Epitaph Records"; CD; 2017): 
2017 and the almighty RANCID strike fucking back. 2017 and "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" is finally back on the map again. 2017 and your dear Manslaughter-Andy feels like coming back and just do some of the stuff I used to do up here for five or six years in a row (before calling it a day back then two years ago or so) finally again and maybe in the (soon) future also in a different format, we'll see. 2017 and a little comeback about which enough words are here and now already lost, so now back to the really important part of this post: RANCID are back. And "TROUBLE MAKER" is their new(est) output. I love RANCID, maybe not every single one of their albums as much as the other, but I love this band and their very own style of high class value-music, one of the very best bands outta there, now and then, and definitely one of my top five or even top three (yes, of my top three) Punkrock bands ever. Their very own and unique cocktail of Streetpunk with strong SKA and Reggae influences, brilliant Oi! Oi! Oi! impressions (just listen for example to the main lead of their high octane anthem "BUDDY" on this very album here), and some nice doses of Rock & Roll and (especially on this album) Country music (just the feeling of "TELEGRAPH AVENUE" on this one will give you goosepimples, not to talk about the main guitar lead of the awseome "GHOST OF A CHANCE", absolutely and through and through totally AMAZING) in it, all blended and melted together in a just outstanding and totaly unique way; often copied, but never anyhow matched or anyway beaten. RANCID to me where always sort of the U.S. american THE CLASH, but in their own right, more in an authentic "raised outside on the streets"-way, and (especially today) even better. Hell yeahr, like I've already said, I love RANCID, and this for very good if not the best reasons, point and fact - and I'm totally in love with their new "TROUBLE MAKER". Their new one is a superb example of the above given description of their rich and full-flavor unique Streetpunk+ music, filled with great songwriting and thrilling songs delivered by strong musicians, with heart, passion, and soul, and the songs are damn fresh and lively-alive and just kick ass and make your fist go up by itself. Great sharp and bonecracking guitars, strong and powerful rhythms and just goose-pimple leads, powerful and strong and very present versatile bass work, pounding drums, strong back up chants, and just amazing snotty and charismatic (lead) vocals. In short: RANCID in bestform and totally over the top. Imagine "TROUBLE MAKER" as a superb and damn perfect, fresh and stand-alone bastard out of "...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES", "LIFE WON'T WAIT", and "HONOR IS ALL WE KNOW" and you'll have a pretty good impression of what's waiting for you. All made round by great lyrics straight outta life, a powerful punshing yet still dirty production sound, and a simple but just great artwork. I could name the whole album when you ask me for some listening-tipps, but if I should name you my current absolute favorite tracks that would be "TELEGRAPH AVENUE", "BUDDY", "AN INTIMATE CLOSE UP OF A STREET PUNK TROUBLE MAKER", "ALL AMERICAN NEIGHBORHOOD", "BOVVER ROCK & ROLL", "GHOST OF A CHANCE", "MAKE IT OUT ALIVE", "BEAUTY OF THE POOL HALL", "SAY GOODBYE TO OUR HEROES", and "THIS IS NOT THE END" (and the two bonus tracks "WE ARRIVED RIGHT ON TIME" and "GO ON RISE UP" also just simply rule). Okay, any questions left? Nah, come on, just go out and get this absolute MASTERPIECE of an album. Ah, and no better way to breathe new life into this blog than with a review on this very one here, RANCID's "TROUBLE MAKER". And now, like already mentioned, go and get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
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